Ethereum Betting Paves The Way For Fair Processes And Even Chances Of Winning

Ethereum betting

Life is not fair, you know about that. But no matter how tough it is out there you always try your best to play by the rules. Even when it comes to playing games of chance – where you either win or lose – you try your best to stick to the rules.

Even so, popular online gambling sites have already laid down a stack of rules. There is very little you can do to buck the system with the tools that you are given. But sometimes you wonder. You wonder how it is possible for you to always be losing while someone else out there keeps on coming up trumps.

What is he doing right (or wrong) that everyone else, including you, are not doing? To get ahead in this unfair life always means taking chances here and there. You have been doing that most of the time when you go online gambling. You are always taking a chance with your money. You can either win or you can lose. And if you lose, you lose all the money you have used to place your bet. Ethereum betting, however, means that you won’t be losing.

When you place a bet on the EtherSpin, you won’t be placing money on the bet. What you will be using for your bet is the (still) new crypto-currency known as ethereum. To acquire this crypto-currency successfully, you will need to go direct to the source, or make your purchase through an accredited and approved service provider. Once you make your first bet with EtherSpin, your bet will be vetted quite thoroughly. Once your bet is verified and approved, your bet will go through. And after that, you are in for a better than even chance of winning.  

There probably aren’t any wise cracks out there that know how to bend the system.

And how can they. They would have to find a way through Oraclize and the cryptic algorithm known as SHA256.

This algorithm, however, is open to be used by non-affiliated EtherSpin or Ethereum users. Users are given the freedom to verify opposing bets and can reject these if the data turns up unfavorably as inauthentic.

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