Dieting and Gluten

A lot of people get confused about the relationship between dieting and a gluten-free meal plan. There is even some confusion about whether gluten can aid with weight loss. We are going to break down a few myths and talk about the reality for people who avoid gluten.

The first thing to note is that most people who do not eat gluten are not doing it because of weight loss reasons. They are doing it because they have a sensitivity or a complete intolerance. If you looked up what is celiac disease, you would find that people who have this autoimmune condition are not able to process gluten properly. When you look up what is celiac disease, you can read about some of the horrible symptoms that eating gluten can cause in these people. In such cases, it makes complete sense to avoid it entirely.

Then we have some people who have a little insensitivity. Maybe they feel a little bit of unpleasantness in their stomach when they eat food that has gluten in it – especially in larger quantities. These people can either go completely gluten free, or they can take steps to limit the consumption in their daily life.

But what about weight loss? We have not talked about that yet and we are going to now. We are going to discuss precisely how you can use the information that we give you to achieve better weight loss.

The first thing to know is that gluten itself is not going to help or hurt you with your weight loss goals. If you have no sensitivity to gluten, you can eat it just fine. Weight loss is about how many calories you put into your body in a given day and how many you burn. If you are burning more on a consistent basis, then you will lose weight. Whether those calories eaten included gluten or not does not matter.

But what does matter is the quality of food that has gluten in it. We are usually talking about food like bread and pasta. These are foods that taste great in the moment, but they are mostly empty calories. They do not even keep you full for very long. And that is why some believe that avoiding gluten will help with weight loss – as you are avoiding these foods.

what is celiac disease

But it is not about gluten specifically. If you want to lose weight, you should think more about the food you are putting into your body from a nutrition perspective.